Μη διαθέσιμο.

The TCMfx CO2 Jets make big smoke / fog plumes of up to 8m high. The CO2 Jets can be mounted in a truss or at venues easily. The advantage of CO2 is that the smoke is also almost the same way. Stopped at the moment the jet (s) Ideal to give to the public! Temporary blinding and cooling effect Reliable Dutch manufactured with at least 3 years warranty!
The plumes can overreach a few meters depending on the environment and CO2 supply. You can activate the co2 jet by a control panel at a distance. The CO2 Jet tube can be positioned in different positions. connect with a high pressure co2 hose for optimal result.
The CO2 Jets are for use with special cylinders with liquid CO2 under high pressure (about 60 bar). These cylinders are fitted with a riser that liquid CO2 under ‘tapping’ of the cylinder so that the CO2 is passed through the tubes in liquid form to the CO2 Jets. When the liquid CO2 comes from the Jets this turns into a gas which is visible as a large white plume. This process is enhanced by a loud hissing sound, which makes the effect even more spectacular