Μη διαθέσιμο.

The advantage of modern LED technology is also increasingly recognized and used in outdoor areas.
With the “LEDPAR95W”, INVOLIGHT now offers a truly cost-effective but very powerful and professional spotlight.
It has 9x 10 watt 5-in-1 LED’s with 5 individual colors: Red, Green, Blue, White and Amber.
This allows it to produce any desired color and, thanks to the Multichip technology, a very homogeneous color mixture.
Thanks to the high-power LEDs in impressive brightness!
The housing is waterproof according to IP66 classification, so the “LEDPAR95W” is suitable for permanent outdoor mounting.
The beam angle is 28 °.
With just 66 watts of power consumption, it is also economically very interesting.
11 programs stored in the device allow the user a great scope for all possible color changes and color fading.
Professional users can also integrate the spot into a DMX chain.
With 5, 7 or 9 channels it can be excellently controlled.
In order to synchronize several headlights, a master / slave mode is also integrated.
Up to 11 devices can be connected to a 240V socket and connected to each other.
In addition, each individual color can be dimmed from 0 – 100%, so that you can mix any color directly on the device.