Μη διαθέσιμο.

Our Lowest DMX Scan-Controller – now with joystick: The INVOLIGHT DL192 has been completely redesigned!
With 192 control channels for up to 12 projectors with 16 DMX channels, it also offers everything that needs to have a scan controller.
Quickly create simple scenes and save them directly into the device.
You can save a total of up to 240 scenes.
All this in 16-bit resolution for outstanding fine Pan / Tilt movements.
A blackout function is available.
With the speed / fade controls allow you to make live slower or faster your saved show.
New is also a MIDI port and an additional DMX input.
Thus, the “DL192” is now available for looping.
Also new is the RCA audio input allows direct feeding of audio in a particularly precise sound control.