TF-04 Truss & tower set-up 4x4m.
2X Parallel trusses of 30x200cm Ø50 x 2.5mm with adapters.
2X steel towers with three telescopic sections of Ø40, 35 and 30 mm (metal thickness: 1.5 mm).
Perfect structure for indoor use and temporary events.
It is equipped with a double safety locking system by means of safety bolt and pressure knob.
Assembly adjustable in height and width.
Maximum Height : 4.14m
Minimum Height : 2.11m
The trusses are connected with screw fittings.
Quick and easy to put together thanks to its reduced size.
This set can support a maximum load of 60kg distributed along the whole of the 400cm length.
The trusses are made of aluminum and the towers are steel with a black, anti-scratch paint finish.

Availability: 5-7 days