FBT MPA 5240


Power unit with Rated Output power of 240Wrms designed specifically for professional sound-broadcasting systems with service and emergency messages
Line input: 100V/70V/50V/8ohm output
Balanced line input/output (XLR-F and XLR-M sockets, with adjustable sensitivity)
Unbalanced line input (double RCA socket)
Input (RJ45 socket)
Telephone/emergency audio input for priority calls with adjustable threshold and sensitivity
Number of consoles of MBT 1101 Max 6 consoles in daisy chain max distance 200 mt
Front panel overall volume control and treble and bass controls
Rear-panel selector switch for enabling/disabling front-panel tone and volume controls
LED-type Vu meter for clear and immediate monitoring of output power

Availability: 5-7 days